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Watch Tutorial PUBG DuckJump v1.0.0.1

PUBG Crouch or Duckjump App
First of all it is free of all malware bloatware advertising or any other typical stuff that other macro apps have. This was one of the many reasons why i decided to write my own tool.

Just clean

No Maleware

No Bloatware

No Ads

It's a simple Tool written in C#

Download it, set your PUBG key bindings for jump crouch and sprint, set up a hot key for the crouch jump and that's it! From now on you can simply use your hot key to jump through windows, over walls and outplay your PUBG competitors.


Download it

PUBG DuckJump v1.0.0.1

Ignore any Windows download warnings and download the zip archive to your device.


Unzip it

Simply use the windows onbord archive unziper which is somewhere in the context menu (right click on the downloaded file and search for 'extract').


Run it

You should now have an executable file called 'NozeJump.exe' or 'NozeJump' (depending on your explorer settings).


Windows Smart Screen 1

Depending on your security settings the Windws SmartScreen will pop up. Here you have to click on 'More info'.


Windows Smart Screen 2

You can now click on 'Run anyway' to launch the application. You will only have to do this once.

Checkout my Youtube Channel to get the latest PUBG Gameplay ;)